What’s the difference between shades and blinds?

What’s the difference between shades and blinds?


We often get asked, “What’s the difference between shades and blinds?” For the everyday homeowner, we boil it down to this: shades are the warm and fuzzy version of blinds. Whereas blinds are made of hard materials, like wood and aluminum, shades are made of soft materials, like linen, cotton, silk and every imaginable form of natural and synthetic fiber. 

Your Options, Your Way

Are you looking for simple and traditional shadings? Do you aim to find window shades that gives a slight statement or tailored look? Do you have curved or arched windows that you want to add shades to? These questions will require answers once you get started with your custom window treatment project. You’ll also need to assess if you want style, privacy, or energy-saving features. Among the decisions you will need to make, we want you to know that we will help you find the best solution for your window treatment needs at the most economical price. So go ahead, start browsing through our shading options and completed shade projects, then plan a visit to our showroom to experience your options in person.

Choosing Your Custom Shades

Unlike blinds, there are endless arrays of fabrics and materials from which to select. There are color schemes to follow, window types that custom shades must be matched to, and different areas of your home may require a completely different style than another. So where do you start? First, take a deep breath. Next, contact Blinded by Delight! Our style consultants are prepared to answer any question you may have and we will always be hands-on with your project, no matter the size.

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